How to Get Coaching Clients with Your Website: The 5 Must-Have Web Pages

How do I get Coaching Clients? Is the single most-asked question when someone hires me as their coach. While there is no short answer to this question, a) you'll find many tips in my blog, b) we have multiple courses that address this topic in the members' area (one of the most popular ones: How to Get 3 New Clients in the Next 30 Days); and c) if you are a new coach, a great starting point is to make sure you create a professional online presence, starting with a great looking website that positions you in the best light possible in front of your ideal clients.

The Power of First Impression!
You Have 3 Seconds to Capture Your Ideal Client’s Attention

We live in a crazy-fast-moving world, that provides an “infinity” of choices to consumers. Most people browse – almost like under a hypnotic spell – hopping from one website to another…

Hence it is crucial that when your Ideal Client gets to your website, they know instantly that they are Exactly Where they Have to Be!

If you don’t capture your visitor’s attention within a few seconds, most will navigate away right away, never to return.

Does YOUR Website Currently Do
What It’s Supposed to Do?

Your Website is a Marketing Tool with 2 Main Functions

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools – a crucial part of your business success. BUT, at the end of the day, it’s just that: a TOOL designed to achieve two primary goals:

  1. Position you as a credible professional
  2. To Generate Leads for you – that is, to make sure that any of your website visitors who are a good fit for your services or product will share with you their name and eMail address… and potentially even their phone number!

That’s it - This is the dual purpose of your website!  If either of those two elements are missing, you are also missing out on $100.00 – or perhaps $1000.00s - in potential sales every day!

With a well-planned website, you’ll enjoy:

  • Better name recognition
  • Ease of attracting the right clients
  • More partnership opportunities
  • Increased sales (and profits)
  • Ability to charge higher fees than your competition
  • More speaking engagements (generating $5,000 to $15,000 or more per event)

And best of all, your website will help build your image the image you want to project – will introduce you to the world as a successful professional – someone who others want to get to know and do business with, for years to come.

The 5 Crucial Pages You Must Include in Your Website

1.  Powerful Client-Engaging HOME Page

Well, Duh...! Of course I'll have a home page...!  ?

Sure, but let's make sure it's a Home Page that will engage your ideal clients and will keep them on your website... and hopefully even hire you.

Here are some “tweaks” you can do right now to ensure that your Ideal Clients WILL WANT to engage with you and want more of what you have! … and if they are ready to invest in your product or service, once you implement these tweaks, you’ll increase your chances of getting Hired by about 4799%
? - ok, maybe not that high, but exponentially higher than if you disregard these tips:

✓ Clean Look – When your ideal client visits your site, is it presenting the best “first impression” of what your website is about?

  • Can the visitor instantly see what your website is about? (parenting, public speaking, finding your passion, support to aspiring authors, etc.)
  • Does it have a clean look - perhaps even a “modern” look? (or does it look like it was built in 1995?) It doesn't have to be fancy "modern," just make sure it's clean and professional looking.
  • Does it have only as much info as needed to achieve the primary goal of the page? For example, if you want your ideal clients to sign up for your 5-part eCourse, your home page should have exactly enough content to achieve that goal. Let the other pages do the rest of the work.
    Too much info can distract the site visitor from the main goal, and if they navigate away, you might never see them again

✓ Clear, POWERFUL HEADLINE that identifies WHAT your site /service does AND WHO Does it Help!

✓ Do visitors instantly know how your website's content will benefit them? Does it instantly address their WIIFM (What's in it for me, if I stick around and give you my precious time)

✓ Your headline is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT Element on your website – get this one right, and you’ll already be eons closer getting hired by your ideal client!

Once you have this “powerful headline,” everything else will easily fall in place: elevator pitch, grand vision, freebie, webinar title, and many many more elements…! I’ll tell you more about this in future posts…

✓ Collects Contact Info / Has an Irresistible Opt-In Offer, that provides a freebie related to #2 above (your headline)

Often the “freebie” name comes directly from your headline. If your headline starts with “Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Unproductive…,” your freebie’s name could be “7 Days to Eliminating Overwhelm and Doubling Your Productivity”

  • Here are some ideas of freebies, all of them delivered automatically by your AutoResponder:
    • eCourse
    • eBook (least recommended, as many save it to their computer, and never get around to read it)
    • Video Course
    • MindMap
    • Checklist
    • Multi-Day Challenge (e.g. 30-Days Purpose-Discovery Challenge; or 15-Days Relationship Transformation Challenge; etc.)

(!) A Complimentary Session is the least effective "freebie" - I strongly suggest NOT to have that as your main free offer. Most of your website visitors don't know you (yet) hence they will not request a comp session; it also requires a higher trust-level, which at this point you don't have with this new visitor. It is WAY EASIER to have them sign up for one of the above-suggested freebie ideas - the "trust level" needed for that download is minimal, and 9 out of 10 of your ideal clients will confidently sign up for your offer.

The key with any of these “freebies” is to set it up as part of a sequential autoresponder! Meaning, you don’t just let them download the one freebie (such as an educational video), but rather you have a series of emails planned that will go out on autopilot. We’ll talk more about this in future posts. You can also use the search feature and search for "autoresponder."

The FREEBIE, combined with the Powerful Headline are two of the MAIN COMPONENTS and SUCCESS-MAKERS or BREAKERS for your website. Get these two right… even if you mess up the other tips, you’ll still get a continuous flow of Paying Clients. So pay good attention when putting these two in place!

Your Home Page should be FOCUSED on ONE GOAL, leading up to One Main Call to Action!

What do you want your website visitor to do? Does your website instantly & clearly show that your Ideal Client is in the right place?

Make sure that your headline, sub-headline, bullet points (if you use any / recommended), Call to Action, and any other text you might use – make sure that they build on one another, making it impossible for your ideal client not to sign up for your offer – or as they say it in the marketing world: make it an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!

Most website visitors come to your website because they have a burning need and will share their contact info in exchange for something that helps them with their need/s. At this point, they are NOT interested in your background, qualifications, etc. Only later, if you require them to invest in your premium coaching program or other high-priced product, that’s when some might want to dig a bit deeper to find out about your background; THOUGH, if your freebie is truly valuable - and if your ideal client had a positive, professional experience, throughout their interaction with your website – and with you, you already gained their trust and many will invest in your offers without hesitation.

Let's start with this one goal for the home page, then later we'll also show your site visitor that you are the right fit for their needs.

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2. A CONFIRMATION or THANK YOU Page that Generates Sales and/or Generates Further Engagement

WHAT THE HECK IS A "Confirmation Page!??"

Boy... or Girl, am I glad you asked...!

When someone signs up for your free offer, on your home page, they'll magically be redirected (by your AutoResponder) to the Confirmation page.

We also call this page:

  • a Thank You page
  • "Congratulations" page

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Turn Your Thank You – or Confirmation Page/s* – into the Most Powerful Pages of your website!

* - if you have multiple offers, you can have different thank you pages for each of them OR you can have multiple types of thank you pages and split-test which one generates you best results (though, if you are fairly new, don't worry about anything you read in this small-print paragraph.

Once someone signs up for your Freebie, you can easily set up your website in a way that next, it goes to a page where your new “fan” – new subscriber” – is given some “Next Steps” Choices.

Everything is set up to move your potential client closer to hiring you or to sign up for one of your offers (membership site, group coaching, online coaching, etc.).

1st you engaged them with a powerful offer on your home page; then they are redirected to your Confirmation Page where they are congratulated for their wise decision on requesting your freebie; as well as they are given the Next Steps, for example, to request a complimentary session or to sign up for your $1.00 trial in your membership site; or whatever other offer you might have for them that's a great fit for their needs.

Your confirmation page can be the Most Powerful Page of Your Website, as it has the power to instantly get you applicants for a complimentary session; or get you to generate a sale.

There are coaches who sell $1000+ offers on their confirmation pages. Test out different offers - see which ones generate the best response.

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When someone lands on your website, their trust level is low; but once they trust you enough to share with you their contact info, they already dropped their guard (somewhat) and the trust level is higher. They are also in a state of mind where they are excited to get their freebie and are most likely go "get fries with it" - to invest in more offers from you, or at least to engage further with you - sign up for a complimentary session, watch a video (in which you'll have a paid offer at the end), etc.

Examples of Offers to Add to Your Confirmation Page:

✓ Sign up for an upcoming Group Coaching program that you might have

✓ Invest in a product, home-study course, eBook, etc. you might have

✓ Invite them to an upcoming webinar

✓ Invite them to watch a pre-recorded (or automated) webinar

✓ Introduce them to your book, if you have one

OR can encourage them to take whatever action you want them to take. This is your chance to engage them further.


3. An ABOUT Page that Positions You as an Authority in Your Niche

Your About page is another powerful page where you can further let your ideal client know they are in the right "spot."

1) Do NOT start with "certified in xyz, graduated from..." Instead, start with something that is about them - about your ideal clients' NEEDS!  For example,

Jenifer Johnson works with parents who need
help to navigate the confusing relationship with
their drug-addicted teen or early adult child.

[You could even add a testimonial - or a testimonial carousel - right here, under your intro statement]

In the first 2 to 3 paragraphs use statements that, even though seem like you are talking about yourself, you are really talking about your client's needs (like the "Jenifer Johnson" example above); then you can list your Credibility Boosters, such as your certifications and your education.

While it might be tempting to add your Ikebana and Tai-Chi certifications, stick to listing only the training and education that is relevant to the client's needs (exception, perhaps is if you have a doctoral degree; though, if your doctoral degree is in ant-reproduction and you are a parenting coach, I'd just mention that "in 2002 earned my doctoral degree" - I think a doctoral degree shows commitment and focus to one's goals and is impressive no matter what it is in).

Some list their Credibility Boosters on the home page (or home page too). Though, as I mentioned earlier, it's best to leave the home page as focused as possible on connecting with your ideal client and put your Credibility Boosters on your About page.

Remember, most of your website visitors’ primary concern is NOT whether you are an expert in any type of field, but rather they want to see What Can You Do for Me!?

You can have a separate CONTACT ME or CONTACT US page; though many of us just add the contact info or contact button on the ABOUT page (or as a drop-down menu from the About page).


This is the page where you'd list your coaching services - or coaching packages. Do a little research and see how other successful coaches describe their offers. Get inspired.


5. Your BLOG

So... if you are at the beginning of your coaching "journey, and if you are anything like me, you might resist the idea of blogging... though, I really hope your head is filled with ideas that are begging you to "put them on paper," in which case blogging will come naturally to you.

Having a blog is important for two main reasons:

1) It helps you become seen as an expert in your field (even if you are a general coach)

2) It helps develop the Know Like, and Trust factors; which are crucial to your success.

3) It has tremendous SEO benefits (Search Engine Optimization), inviting the search engines to position you on the first page(s) of search results when someone is looking for your type of services.

Here are some key tips when it comes to blogging:

  • Post regularly – at least weekly, but two to three times a week, or even daily, is better. Google (and search engines in general) love updating content(!)  When the search engine sees that you are publishing content regularly, they’ll start ranking you on the first page/s of the search results (for the main topic / main keyword that you are blogging* around)
  • Stay focused on one topic (hence the value of having a focused niche ); for example, if you are a parenting coach, it’ll be easy to stay focused, as all of your blog posts will be on parenting. You can also focus for periods of time, on specific parenting topics, such as “tear-free parenting”; or “parenting strong-willed toddlers”; or parenting drug addict teens”; etc.It’s the hardest to “staying focused”  on a targeted topic is for generalist Life Coaches. If you are a generalist, what can be your focus? How can you post regular content that is in line with the other parts of your website?  A parenting coach has keywords related to parenting on their home page, on their about page – literally on every page – then they can blog around that same topic / around that same keyword. When the search engines see that the “updating content” – the blog posts – are in line with everything else, they reward you with higher visibility in search results.
  • Make sure to create engaging content that will keep your website visitor – and more importantly your Ideal Clients – keep reading and wanting to explore more…
  • Address topics that are super-relevant to your Ideal Clients. Discuss topics related to their biggest challenges or burning desires.
  • Ask pertinent questions in the title or in the first paragraph of each post, to capture your audience’s attention and to keep them engaged.
  • As you write your content, use bullet-points and short paragraphs, to make it easy for your readers to consume your content

Make your website visitor's experience relevant and personal. As your write your blog content, keep in mind your ideal client(some find it useful to print out a picture of someone who looks like their ideal client), and write directly to this person, using language that you'd use in face-to-face communication with your Ideal Client.

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