12 Ways to Generate More Leads & More Income with Your Blog

If you are looking for a way to Generate More Leads and Attract More Clients, and you have a tight budget, blogging is a great way to get started.

That is not to say that Blogging is only for those with slimmer budgets; and in fact, you’ll notice that most successful businesses invest in developing a content-rich high-traffic blog. BUT, when you are on a tight budget, blogging is within anyone’s reach and with a little effort can transform it into a lead-generation machine, can help you get more clients, as well as can help you generate some ongoing additional income.

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How Can I Make Money with My Blog?

You may be wondering how you can make money with a free blog.

Most of us, we just want to provide great value to our tribe of followers and become known as a trustworthy professional with whom our ideal clients will want to do business. But there’s no reason to limit blogging to that. Why not capitalize on your hard work and generate a few more dollars, just with a little tweak here and there…

There are a great number of ways to generate an income with your blog:

  1. Add a FREE eCourse to your blog, with an opt-in option (your blog visitor can leave their name and email address to access the course). Provide a multi-part eCourse that leads to a paid gig, such as Group Coaching, Individual Coaching, or invite your subscriber to invest in one of your Home-Study Courses or other products you might have… OR inviting them to invest in one of the products you are promoting for an affiliate partner*.* - the eCourse is delivered automatically by your autoresponder and will run on autopilot for years, potentially generating new sales every month.
  2. Sell your own products*: eBooks, eCourses, Video Courses, Home Study Courses. It takes a little effort to put your own product together, but these products will not only help you generate additional income but also helps you become known as the “expert” or the go-to-guy in your niche.
    * Click HERE if you need help creating an eCourse, online coaching program, or setting up a membership site!
  3. If you have some special skill or special knowledge*, you can promote yourself as a consultant or as a coach specializing in that area. Perhaps you worked in HR for 10+ years and have knowledge that many new companies would be willing to pay for. Look into your bag of strengths, and see if you have something that you can offer to your readers for a fee
  4. Promote yourself as a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Presenter, letting the world know that you are available to speak at organizations or training events. Many of us speakers charge fees in the $1000s of dollars (I charge $2400.00 to $5000.00 for a full-day workshop, and I’m considered a low-paid speaker)
  5. Let others promote their products or services by posting on your blog and charge them a small fee (the higher your ranking in the search engines – and the higher your traffic – the more you’ll be able to charge)
  6. Add a “Tip Jar” or Donation PayPal button to your blog and ask your readers to sponsor you so you can continue delivering great content
  7. Sell various merchandise on your blog, with your logo, slogans, sayings – whatever you are known for (or whatever you want to be known for). Use a website such as cafepress.com to create your own products, where they can create AND fill your orders, without the need to invest in bulk inventory.
  8. Become an Amazon Associate and sell Amazon products on your blog. You’ll get paid a percentage of each sale that happens as a result of clicking on any of the products you placed on your blog. Try to display only products that your readers would most likely be interested in
  9. Promote affiliate products* that match your readers' needs
  10. Recommend other people's services, such as Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, etc. and get a commission for those referrals
    .* - Note that in the US we have to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act, which states that we have to disclose if our links are affiliate links. Make sure you are familiar with any regulations regarding this in your country.
  11. Add Google Adsense to your blog and get paid each time an ad shows up on your blog or when it’s clicked
  12. You can sell ad space to other businesses, once you have a healthy readership (good traffic and perhaps 1000s of subscribers)

You will NOT make money overnight with any of the above methods, but give it a few months, and you can expect to start making some decent income that otherwise you would have missed out on. And remember, you can get started with most of the above without investing any money upfront(!) – is that cool or is that super-duper cool!??

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, let me know – simply post your question, comment – or even suggestions – in the Comments section…

Happy Blogging!


E.G. Sebastian, a veteran entrepreneur of 20+ years, is a Certified Professional Coach, an International Speaker (speaks 6 languages), and the founder of www.ClientsEnrollmentFunnels.com . E.G. specializes primarily in helping coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and service-business owners put in place all the elements needed to business success, with a focus on helping clients get massive visibility for their business and convert that visibility into paying clients. Connect with him on LinkedIn - Click Here!

Need Help Implementing These Strategies?

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