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Diagnostic Self-Assessment
Is Your Coaching Business Running at its Full Potential?


Complete this Diagnostic Self-Assessment and discover:

✔ What business-success elements you already have in place

✔ What business success elements you have in place but you are not implementing fully OR not implementing correctly

✔ Discover what business-success elements you still need to put in place in order to be seen as a trusted professional and get hired with confidence by your ideal clients


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Capitalize on my close to 20 years of Coaching experience!
Coached 100+ business owners, managers, CEOs; as well as coaches, consultants, speakers, authors...
As well as presented workshops and keynotes at more than 500 corporate events, retreats, and other events.

One of my biggest passions is helping my clients write and publish books, create online courses and group coaching programs, and help create a marketing plan combined with implementing automation systems that'll get the most visibility for your book or coaching programs.

The checklist that I'm offering above is a great way to gage where you currently stand in each area of your coaching (or consulting) business and in what areas you need to improve... or need to completely implement from scratch.

Once you complete the self-assessment diagnostic tool, let me know if you have any questions,


E.G. Sebastian - CPC, CSL
Author, International Speaker, Coach
Certified DiSC Facilitator/Trainer
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