Here is a list of the tools and services that you can use to build your business. These are the same tools we use in our business, or we've used in the past and loved them. 

* Some of the links below are referral or affiliate links and we will be paid a referral fee; this helps us offset the cost of providing free and low-cost training materials & resources.

Automate Your Marketing

RelayThat - Automate Your Branding! Create professional brand-uniform graphics for all your social media - headers, ads, banners, blog-post images, etc. Click Here for Details!

aWeber - one of the most popular, most affordable AutoResponder / eMail Marketing Automation Service on the planet; also one of the least complicated ones out there / easy to use. FREE Trial Available - Click Here for details!

GetResponse - another powerful AutoResponder service, with Funnel-Builder features, Automated Webinars, and a few more cool features - all in one platform. Click for Details!

✅  ActiveCampaign - one of the coolest, yet still fairly affordable, AutoResponder platforms (this is the one we use).   It does not have Automated Webinars (like GetResponse), but it's more pocket-friendly, while also has amazing features that'll allow you to create eCourses, newsletters, and about any eMail marketing automation you can envision (AND Beyond!). Click HERE for details and for Free Trial!

Coaching Client-Management Software

CoachAccountable - a) Keep track of your coaching clients' progress; b) let your clients keep track of their progress; c) assign in-between session trackable assignments . 30-Days FREE Trial available - Click Here for Details!

Create Your Online Coaching or Membership Program

✅ myQuest - Create Your Powerful Online Coaching Program - Click Here!

Amazon S3 Manager - Create Professional Looking Audio and Video Players and host them an the powerful Amazon S3 platform! (stop using YouTube to host your videos); Can also store all your large files for pennies. Amazon S3 makes it easy to upload your files and create various professional looking Video and Audio Players. Click for Details!

Webinar Platforms

InstantTeleseminar - Great platform that allows you to put on professional webinars and share your PowerPoint slides. (Does not allow webcam and desktop sharing;Great for those who just want to put on PowerPoint-based webinars.  Has professional Studio Features, making you seem like you are in a Radio Studio. *** Allows you creation of Auto-Webinar / Pre-Recorded Webinars, mimicking a live event (orlet the viewer know that it's a recording - it's up to you) Click Here for FREE Trial and Details!

Video Animation Tools

GoAnimate - if you like using animation in your promo, informational, or educational videos, goAnimate is one of the coolest animation software - Click Here for Details!



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