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What is a Clients-Enrollment Flow...
or Clients-Enrollment Funnel ?

* The image above is a sample of a 5-Stages Marketing Funnel - or Clients-Enrollment Flow *

♥ If you are new to the concept of Marketing Funnels, just know that the term refers to the "flow" of sequences - or actions - needed to get you (a) NOTICED by your ideal client and (b) the steps needed to implement to GET YOU HIRED by your ideal clients.

The ClientsEnrollmentFunnels Tutorials provide you with all the resources you need - the puzzle pieces needed to put together a powerful Clients-Enrollment Flow that'll work best for you.  If you need a refresher of what a Marketing Funnel is (which below is referred to mostly as Clients-Enrollment FLOW), then read on. When you are ready to put the puzzle pieces in place, head over to the members area and start implementing the tutorials!*

* Make sure to integrate each strategy that you learn, with other elements you already have in place, so they synergistically build on one another. If you signed up for the Gold Membership or higher, make sure to attend the bi-weekly support calls and bring any questions you might have related to building your coaching business and enrolling paying clients.

In the traditional sense, a Marketing Funnel - as the name suggests - would be very similar to a funnel...

... except the funnel (or flow) that we are talking about is a magical "clients-enrollment funnel," as it'll turn your focused activities into paying coaching clients:

  1. On top of the funnel we introduce "Leads" through various marketing activities (networking, social media strategies, webinars, paid ads, referral, etc.), resulting in potential clients being invited into our world.

  2. At the bottom of the funnel, we have paying clients "dropping out."

That is the very basic description of the marketing funnel; though, the most effective funnels have several steps in between the top of the funnel (Lead Generation) and the bottom of the funnel (Getting Hired or making a sale).

It is  the "Client Journey" that takes your ideal clients from meeting you - OR taking action on one of your online or offline actions* - all the way to getting hired by them.

* an "online or offline action could be any of the following:

  • meeting you on social media
  • meeting you at a live networking event
  • seeing one of your FaceBook ads
  • reading one of your articles or blog posts
  • attending one of your webinars
  • ... or dozens of other ways that your ideal client could initially become aware of your existence and the existence of your services (or product/s). You can choose from multiple such ways to become seen by your ideal client by choosing one of our "Become Seen" Tutorials - Click Here!

A more effective funnel has multiple steps, or rather stages, as each of these have multiple "steps":

  1. STAGE 1: Lead-Generation - same as in the two-step example above (and the methods described at the top of the Clients-Enrollment Flow image)
    To be effective at implementing this step correctly, make sure to go over our tutorials on How to Gain Clarity on Who Is Your Ideal Client

    At this stage, it also helps if you are Massively Visible online: View our Gain Massive Visibility tutorials HERE!

    Explore our Lead-Generation Tutorials HERE!


  2. STAGE 2: Develop Relationship & Trust with your prospective clients. We usually do this by providing value - something that helps them address their most burning need (or one of their top "burning needs").  We provide this value through interacting with them on social media (ideally as part of a FaceBook Group, LinkedIn Group, etc.). Most of us develop this relationship and trust with the help of our AutoResponder (regular messages, eCourse, send videos, invite to webinars, etc.)Click HERE to explore our Develop Credibility & Trust tutorials!


  3. STAGE 3: Identify Your Ideal Clients & Make Direct Contact - In stage 2 we are treating everyone the same way. Some of us have lists of 10,000s of people on them, and our communication with the list is automated (AutoResponder, social media scheduler, etc.). In Stage 3, we identify the individuals who "raised their hand" and expressed an interest in what we do.  They are interacting with us; they are attending our webinars, they are consuming our content religiously (your AutoResponder software will show you who is reading all your emails, who is clicking on links, watching the videos you send, etc.).Reach out to them regularly, find out what else you can do for them.

    At this stage do NOT try to sell them; UNLESS they ask you about your services.

    This stage can last a few days or a few month - anywhere in between - depending on your niche and the urgency of your ideal client's needs.

    Go over the How to Identify Your Ideal Coaching Client tutorial - Click HERE!


  4. STAGE 4: Inform About Your Paid Services - by now you have a solid relationship with your "list" (or however you've been staying in touch with your prospective clients) and you are ready to introduce to them your paid services.At this stage you are informing your entire list about your opening for a 1-on-1 coaching, an upcoming Group Coaching program, an online program, live event, or whatever else you want to offer your prospective clients.

    We usually do this through our AutoResponder, our FB groups, or whatever other means we used to stay in touch with them.


  5. STAGE 5: Make an Offer to the Most-Likely-to-Hire-You Prospective Clients - in Stage 3 we identified the most likely people who would hire us.  By now they got to know us and trust us (and most likely even like us) - the highly-desired "know, like, and trust" factor.  Now it's time to make them an offer...Contact them individually and invite them to a complimentary session OR give them an irresistible offer to join your upcoming Group Coaching Program, membership, etc.

    Keep track of your conversations with them in a free CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software), such as, or the more professional & user-friendly but paid

Examples of Short Clients Enrollment Flows*

Unlike in the image at the top of the page, that contains 5 STAGES, a Marketing funnel can be as short as 2-Steps. It is up to you how complex you want to make your Clients-Enrollment Flow.

* The first step is Always the same: Getting Your Message in Front of Your Ideal Client!

2-STEP FLOW Example 1:

  1. Attend Networking Event (and find/talk to at least 20 of your Ideal Clients)
  2. Offer a complimentary session or invite them for coffee, etc. where you'll offer your service* to them*** When meeting face-to-face, half the time you won't even need to offer a complimentary session. If your offer matches the person's need (and if you offer a 30 to 90-days money-back-guarantee), they'll hire you on the spot.** In the first year or two, most new coaches get their clients locally; and many continue networking as it is one of the most effective ways to enroll paying coaching clients. When you meet people face-to-face, the trust level is exponentially higher than when someone "meets" you online who is 100s or 1000s of miles away from you.

2-STEP FLOW Example 2:

  1. Connect with your ideal client on LinkedIn (or FB or other social media)
  2. Offer them a complimentary session

♦ While, yes, short clients-enrollment flows require "less work," they are NOT always the most effective. Example 1 above, networking, is the exception. With the right offer to the right individuals, that's a sure-way to get paying coaching clients quickly; BUT most other 2-step clients-enrollment flows are usually perceived as aggressive and are rarely effective. Most of these short flows operate on the "it's a numbers game" principle, and while you might annoy 50 people, you'll get 5 clients (45 will disregard your message).

2-STEP FLOW Example 3:

  1. Deliver a Webinar (have JV Partners promote you, FB Ads, etc.)
  2. Offer your coaching service at the end of the webinar

* Though, in theory this does seem like a 2-step funnel; it's actually a more complex one, depending how you'd run it.  To fill that webinar with attendees, you'd have to invest time in various activities: talk to people with large lists, send message to your list; paid ads; social media posts; etc.


3-STEP FLOW Example:

  1. Stay active on social media
    • active in groups where your ideal clients hang out
    • post daily value-loaded content
    • start engaging discussions and keep the discussion going
    • contribute to others' discussionThe key is to stay visible in front of your ideal clients
  2. Invite your ideal clients to download a freebie that's specifically crafted to address their most burning need
    • post it in the main feed of LinkedIn
    • post in groups where you are allowed to post links (always check the group rules!)
    • contact the individuals who you interacted with  and offer them your freebie
    • explore the members of the group and see who looks like they might be a good fit for your offer and send them a message (Hi John, we are both members of xyz group. I just created a checklist designed to help with xyz and I'd love your feedback on it..." or some other non-intrusive message)
  3. Within the freebie - AND on the "Thank you for requesting my freebie page [replace the word "freebie" with the name of your download], offer them a complimentary session (most effective if you have them fill out an application form)

Make Your Clients-Enrollment Flow as Complex as You Like

You can replace the first two steps (in the 3-step flow) with different strategies from within our tutorials and resources areaKeep the Clients-Enrollment Flow SIMPLE, but ideally not simpler than it has to be.

The image on the top of the page is an excellent example of a powerful and effective Clients-Enrollment Funnel, or clients-enrollment flow. Try to create something similar with the resources that are available to you.

You'll find tutorials for each element of the funnel within the members' area - Click HERE!
Click HERE if you can't find something -  send us a message!

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