3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Less Stress

3 Magical Words that will Alleviate Business Stress

Picture yourself in a perfect world, in your perfect office, running your perfect business. What’s your role? How much money are you making? Do you have products? Do your clients rave about you? Do you have team members or are you still doing everything by yourself?

Yes, it's nice to fantasize about our business running super-smoothly, but if you’re still a solopreneur who’s doing every task by yourself, it’s time to re-think your approach to your business and learn the importance of three magical words (below). Understanding and implementing these will alleviate your stress and help grow your business faster, with less effort. Truly!

  1. Eliminate

Analyze your business practices and ask yourself if there’s anything that seems outdated, redundant, or time-draining, but with no results to show. Set aside time every month or at least every quarter to investigate activities you are doing that are not adding value to your business and eliminate them so you can save time and ultimately make more money.

For example, have you been massively present on your FB Business page for the past 6 to 12 months, but you have no engagement on the page, nor did it generate any business...? How about other social media presence?  Are you wasting time on some without any return on your time-investment?  If yes, eliminate them. Reclaim your time so you can use it towards income-generating activities, or spend that time on better client-satisfaction and client-retention. Focus only on the top 2 to 3 (max 4) social media presence that actually generates results for you.

Another big time-drainer is worth assessing is all the software,  apps, toolbar extensions, etc. we own and try to master. Identify he few apps that truly benefit your business' performance and get rid of the rest (or outsource their operation). Eliminate the rest - or automate them and let them be 100% hands-free, still counting as something you eliminated from your proverbial plate.


  1. Automate

Plenty of marketing, social media, and admin tasks can be automated nowadays, which frees up time for you to focus on serving clients and/or focusing on money-making ideas.

  • Automate your social-media posting. Set aside a few hours every week (or month) and create your post for the whole week (or month) and schedule them to be posted automatically.  Here are some great tools for this:
  • Set up automatic monthly payments for your recurring business expenses
    • Most service providers allow you to set up automated payments through their website
    • Or talk to your bank on how to automate bill-payment (personally, I have 100% of my bills on auto-pay - have not paid a single bill in years - they are all set up through the individual service providers)
  • Set up automatic monthly payments owed to you from clients who you bill monthly
    • Instead of sending out monthly invoices (and chasing clients who pay late), let clients sign up for automated payments, this way their credit card will be charged monthly automatically
    • PayPal, Stripe, and all the main payment gateways offer this option - contact them (or me) if you don't know how to set it up.
  • Automate your lead-generation on your website (caution: it’s not as simple as adding a “sign up for updates” or “sign up for our newsletter” blurb) - here's a great post on this topic!
  • Create automated email responses when people send in customer service inquiries. You can do this with a FaceBook ChatBot, such as SilferBots (it's free)
  • Use an autoresponder to send monthly newsletters to clients
    • We use ActiveCampaign - I believe it's one of the best out there (while still affordable), but it does have a little learning curve (great customer support, though)
    • aWeber is a great one - I recommend this to newbies who want to manage their own account. Really simple to use and one of the most powerful AutoResponders on the market.

Be creative! There’s an automation service or app for everything these days. Send me a message if you don't see your application listed above. Chances are I can recommend a great service for countless of your automation needs.

  1. Delegate

Have you ever considered hiring an assistant or other virtual team member? All the automate tasks mentioned above can be completed in record time by an experienced virtual assistant while you focus on your social media presence and connecting with your tribe.

  • Hire a social media manager to keep your followers engaged
  • Upgrade your branding image by hiring a professional graphic artist
  • Delegate tasks to experienced experts who can troubleshoot problems and complete tasks in half the time it will take you to do it
  • Hire a tech pro to automate all your lead-generation and communication with your leads
  • Invest in a website audit and get help to create a web presence that’ll present you in the best light possible in front of your ideal clients

How much is one hour of your time worth? If your time is worth $100(s)/hour, don’t waste your time on tasks that you can pay a few dollars per hour to complete! Use that time instead to serve current clients and retain them; or develop relationship with your leads and convert them into clients.


Do you need help with any of your tech-automation needs?

Click HERE and send us a message and request a pocket-friendly quote! Describe briefly your needs, as well as include your website and any relevant links and info you want to share. We have a team that can help you with about any of your tech needs, be that web-design, marketing automation, social media management... even entire eCourse creation or coaching  and training programs development.


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