Quick Basic SEO Tutorial

SEO - smesheo - whatever...!

For years I disregarded the importance of SEO optimization - who the hack wants to tinker around with keyword search and other minutia...!???

The wake-up call came when I realized that my website wasn't getting any engagement and with a simple traffic analysis, I could see that my website was not showing up in search results.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

The Great News!

The great news is, you don't have to get lost in any techno stuff in order to learn and implement some basic SEO optimization strategies that will help you get found by your Ideal Clients in the Search Results.

Here's the easiest way to get started, right now...

I challenge you that once you read this short post - or as you are reading it - hop over to your website and "SEO Optimize" each of your pages; and/or start optimizing your blog posts.

Here's the simple, two-step process:

  1. Use a Keyword Tool to find the keywords (or the Key Words ) your clients would use to find your service. Use the free Google Keyword Planner tool; though, that's quite complicated to use (Send me a message, and I'll send you a tutorial on it)ORUse a free tool, such as Ubersuggest (owned by SEO ninja, Neil Patel) or  Semrush ( has limited functionality, but the results we get from the free version is enough for most of us).? HOW TO SEARCH FOR RELEVANT KEYWORDSLet's suppose that you are a Relationship Coach, you can look up the word combination start by searching for the keyword combination "Relationship Coach" - today it shows that there are 1900 searches for it (in one month).  That is a pretty good keyword, and you should definitely use it often in your website.

    Keep in mind that most of your ideal clients DO NOT search for a Relationship Coach, but rather for information on how to resolve their problems.  Many of them will look for keywords such as

    Save my marriage

    improve relationship with my spouse

    reduce conflict with significant other

    And other very specific phrases.

    Search for the phrases - OR long-tail-keywords, as we call them -  to find the phrases your ideal clients are looking for.

    ? The longer a keyword (made up of 3 or more words), the more likely it is that you will rank for it! ?

    Upon a little digging, I found that HOW TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE is a pretty great phrase (better than the shorter "save my marriage")

    When searching for IMPROVE RELATIONSHIP I found some related keywords that might also be useful:
    * YOU CAN ALSO CLICK ON EACH KEYWORD, to find more related keywords

  2. Once you found some good keywords that your ideal clients would search for, it's time to sprinkle those keywords into strategic places into your website:

✅ Just place the keywords in the headlines of each page

✅ Add keywords to your links
For example, if you are a parenting coach for parents of toddlers, some of your pages could contain the words "parenting" and "toddlers"; such as www.myCoolWebsite.com/tear-free-parenting-toddlers or www.myCoolWebsite.com/10-power-solutions-to-effectively-parenting-toddlers; etc.

✅ Add your keywords into your blog post categories

✅ Make sure that each blog post starts with your main keywords; or at least have them within the first sentence

✅ Have your main keywords within your blog post and within each page.

Once you have your keywords in place throughout your site, it'll be only a matter of time (often days, or a week or two) before the search engines will start rewarding you with traffic.

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Organic SEO Strategies - Get Search Engines to Love You without Techno Babble!

Getting traffic from the search engines is NOT dependent solely on whether your content is SEO optimized or not. In fact, the points below are probably more important and can naturally set you up to be found in search results (though, combining it with the basic SEO strategies you learned above, will exponentially increase your search engine "mojo.")

Here are a few things that will help you be a favorite of search engines, and be found by your ideal clients when they search for your service:

  • Post regularly - Google (and search engines in general) love updating content(!) - when the search engine sees that you are publishing content regularly
  • Stay focused on one topic (hence the value of having a focused niche ); for example, if you are a parenting coach, it'll be easy to stay focused, as all of your blog posts will be on parenting. Even better, though, if your posts are focused - at least for periods of time, on specific parenting topics, such as "tear-free parenting"; or "parenting strong-willed toddlers"; or parenting drug addict teens"; etc.The hardest to staying "focused" is for generalist Life Coaches - what can be your focus? How can you post regular content that is in line with the other parts of your website?  A parenting coach has keywords related to parenting on their home page, on their about page - literally on every page... When the search engines see that the "updating content" - the blog posts - are in line with everything else, they reward you with higher visibility in search results.
  • Make sure to create engaging content that will keep your website visitor - and more importantly your Ideal Clients - keep reading and wanting to explore more...
    • Address topics that are super-relevant to your Ideal Clients. Discuss topics related to their biggest challenges or burning desires.
    • Ask pertinent questions in the title or in the first paragraph to capture your audience's attention and to keep them engaged.
    • Use bullet-points and short paragraphs, to make it easy for your readers to consume your content

Convert Your Traffic into Clients

Being found by the search engine is not only cool - it's mega-super-duper-cool ?. The key is to capitalize on your traffic.

10,000 website visitors a day is worthless, if your blog posts - and website in general - are not set up to Convert visitors into clients.

Our goal is to be seen by as many people online as possible and convert as many of them as possible into coaching clients.

  • When someone visits your website, how many of them will convert into leads and potential future clients?
  • How many will sign up for your freebie?
  • When someone watches your YouTube videos, how many will convert into xyz (whatever the call to action was – invited them to sign up for your freebie; join your FB or LI group; etc.)
  • Out of 100 people who go through your eCourse, how many convert into complimentary sessions; and out of each 10 comp sessions, how many convert into paying clients.

Going forward, I challenge you to focus to increase your conversion rates in every area of your online presence.  If you need help with this, Send me a Message; though, it’s best if you go over some of the tutorials in the members’ area, and implement the lessons that are most relevant to help you with this.

Click HERE to read more about Conversion Strategies!


Implement these simple strategies and you'll soon start seeing some dramatic changes in engagement on your website; as well as you'll start getting found organically in the search results when your ideal clients search for your type of services, or search for content that you are addressing on your website.

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