How to Get Coaching Clients with Your Website, Part 8 – Convert Visitors into Leads… and Clients

CONVERSION –  The Magic Component

Whatever marketing activities you do – or, in even simpler terms, Whatever you do online – will either generate a response from your Ideal Clients or not. Conversion is the “glue” that connects your online content to elicit a response from those who see your content.

And that is the simple definition of “conversion”:  how many people see your stuff (blog, video, articles, etc.). take action after they read or watch your content.

Our goal is to be seen by as many people online as possible and convert as many of them as possible into coaching clients.

Conversion, though, does not always relate to getting hired as a coach, yet they are equally important conversion puzzle pieces.

When someone visits your website, how many of them will convert into leads/potential future clients? How many will sign up for your freebie (BTW, these two questions are ONE – you convert website visitors into potential clients with your freebie)

When someone watches your YouTube videos, how many will convert into xyz (whatever the call to action was – invited them to sign up for your freebie; join your FB or LI group; etc.)

Out of 100 people who go through your eCourse, how many convert into complimentary sessions; and out of each 10 comp sessions, how many convert into paying clients.

Going forward, I challenge you to focus to increase your conversion rates in every area of your online presence.  If you need help with this, Send me a Message; though, it’s best if you go over some of the tutorials in the members’ area, and implement the lessons that are most relevant to help you with this.

Here are a few examples:

How to Build Your List of Your First 1000 Subscribers… for FREE

How to Get 3 Life Coaching Clients in the Next 30 Days

How to Get Life Coaching Clients with Short eCourses (*** This one is on a fancy Online Coaching Platform – $299.00 VALUE; but it’s free for a limited time –  sign up with your eMail or FaceBook – go through it now, while it’s still free! ***)

YouTube Marketing 2.0

Let me know if there specific areas where you’d love to increase your conversion rates; or if you are looking for training to help you implement a specific marketing activity. I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction (or create the course in the future, if we don’t have it yet).

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