Life Coaching Training: 10 Basic Steps to Help You Get More Clients

Life coaching training often limits to teaching life coaching skills and getting clients through free sessions – or complimentary sessions. However, once you get out into the real world, giving away free life coaching sessions is a crazy hard way to get clients, and many coaches struggle endlessly without any results…

The quest to Get More Clients is one of the most difficult tasks, not only for Life Coaches but for about any service business professional (consultants, speakers, etc.); and unless you are familiar with some of the most effective ways to get clients, you’ll end up struggling endlessly, spinning your wheels and see little to no results… And while, yes, getting new clients can be hard, it does become easier once you have a few basic business elements in place.

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Here are the 10 Basic Steps to Help You Get More Life Coaching Clients:

  1. Get a clear idea of Who you serve and What you serve
  2. Identify your ideal client & a target market – the one that can afford your prices (!)
  3. Your service should be based on a strong need/want that needs to be filled (people are actively seeking for the solution you provide) – If you can answer the question “What keeps my prospects / ideal clients up at night?” then you are in business (given that you complete the other 9 points here)
  4. Be able to share your offer in a compelling way – both verbally (meetings, networking, videos, webinars, etc.) and on your marketing materials (website, brochures, etc.)
  5. Your offers should compel your prospect to take action, either in the form of a purchase or in the form of sharing their contact info (e.g. sign up for one of your opt-in offers)
  6. Learn multiple ways to generate leads! The more people you can attract to your offers, the more chances you’ll have to convert your leads into paying clients!
  7. Understand that “People do business with people they know, like, and trust” – Put systems in place that will allow you to stay in touch with prospects and existing clients, and constantly develop your relationship with them, constantly increasing the “know-like-trust” factor.
  8. Invest time in learning basic Sales Skills! Learn to sell your services effectively, without coming across as salesy. There are simple, yet very effective processes, that can help you convert most conversations with prospects into paying clients.
  9. Learn the art of Follow-Up – it’ll increase the number of your clients exponentially!
  10. Become viewed as a credible professional! Establish massive online visibility through multiple channels: website, blog, articles, videos, webinars, etc. The more visible you are, and the more you project an image of a true professional, the more clients you’ll start attracting.

Once you have these 10 “elements” in place, you’ll be on your way to a steady flow of clients and the income you always wanted and so well deserve…

What do you think? Do you have most of those elements in place? Which one is giving you trouble…? Post below:

E.G. Sebastian, a veteran entrepreneur of 20+ years, is the founder of myClientAttractionAcademy and an international speaker (speaks 6 languages). E.G. specializes primarily in helping coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and service-business owners put in place all the elements needed to business success, with a focus on helping clients get massive visibility for their business and convert that visibility into paying clients.

He is the author and co-author of several books on Relationships, Communication, Workplace Bullying; and is the author of the soon-to-be-published Get More Clients by Next Week – 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches and Consultants, which he’ll graciously share a Pdf copy with you when you post a comment below this article.

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Need Help Implementing These Strategies?

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