How to Get Coaching Clients with Your Website – PART 2: Create a Powerful Headline

How to Get Clients with Your Website, Part 1: Create a Powerful Headline

Here are your 1st few steps to help you Build a Website
that Will Consistently Generate Leads & Help You Enroll More Clients…

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools that’ll help you gain credibility & trust, and support you in attracting a flood of leads and getting more clients… that is if you have the right info on it and you have that info set up in a way that it keeps the website visitor engaged.

The million-dollar question is: Is your website a cool (or not even too cool) colorful online brochure that ONLY tells the world what you do; or does it serve its real purpose and it is a powerful Lead-Generation and Clients-Enrollment vehicle for your business?

To get the answer to the above question, I have a simple test for you:

Does your website generate at least 50 leads (ideally 100+) of your ideal clients through your website? 

People get to your website in different ways – search engine results, they got your business card, you mention a blog post or article, in social media discussions, paid ads, or any other way… The question boils down, though, to this basic question: Does your website generate you lots of Ideal Client Leads and helps you get new paying clients on a regular basis (ideally attract at least a few paying clients every month).

Now…, if you answered NO to the above question, then read on…

Is Your Website a Fancy Online Brochure?
... with no lead-generation and client-enrollment functionalities?

Your Website is an Online Brochure, meaning your website does not have interactive features, but rather only describes what you do, what you offer, and who you are… (it generates zero leads or clients, or extremely few). A big differentiator of a Lead-Generating website from an "Online Brochure" type website, is that the online brochure website does NOT help you grow a list of your ideal clients.

1. Have a Powerful and highly visible Headline that grabs your visitors’ attention and “forces” them to read on.

This headline should send a clear message to your website visitor – a message that says I Understand Your Pain, Challenge, or Burning Desire and I Have Solutions for You

2. Make sure your Headline is niche-friendly – that is, it identifies your ideal client’s pain, challenges, or strong desires and suggests a solution. For example,

Are You Tired Of Being Tired?
Find out the 7 Simple Secrets to Waking up Full of Energy Daily And Feeling Energized All Day Long…

(1st line identifies Pain; the rest offers Hope for a Solution)

Now, let’s face it, if you feel sluggish every day; if you don’t feel as energized as you once felt, or as energized as you’d like to be, then you’ll surely sign up for it (I know, I signed up for at least two dozen such offers over the years).

Here’s another example:

Discover How To Easily Get Out Of Any Conflict And Build More Harmonious Relationships With Your Spouse or Significant Other in ONLY 7 Days!!!

Obviously, if someone has a conflict-filled relationship and they’d like to bring love and harmony back into their relationships, they’d sign up in a jiffy…

Ok, E.G., but what if I don’t have a clear Niche (yet)?

Great question…!

Even if you don't have  a clearly defined niche (yet), it helps to have at least some type of focus for your coaching business, so you can attract people who fit that "focus."

Make sure that your website provides your website visitor a glimpse into what outcome they can get with your help, for example:

Are You Ready to Transform Your Dreams into Goals…
and Your Goals into Reality…? 

* Notice this headline doesn't really have a specific focus.  It is as broad as the galaxy and this  - while to some it might seem "focused" - screams that "I can help anyone with anything!"  Which is not necessarily bad, but it is the hardest approach to getting hired as a coach.


Have You Been Searching for Your Purpose?
Are You Ready to Transform into the Purposeful Person
You Were Meant to Be…?

*** REMEMBER! The more you can tap into what keeps your client up at night, the more leads you’ll generate and the more paying clients you’ll be consistently attracting

3. Have a sub-headline that supports your main headline and further engages or intrigues the visitor, and again, forces him/her to read on.

For example, if the headline is  Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health and Live a Vibrant & Healthy Life? the sub-headline could be Health & Fitness Coach Shares Energy Management Secrets Only High Performers And Top Athletes Know…

This would look something like this:

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health
 Live a Vibrant & Healthy Life?

Health & Fitness Coach Shares Energy Management
Secrets Only High Performers And Top Athletes Know

NOTE that sometimes the sub-headline comes first and then the headline - it doesn't matter. what matters is to have them in place.

Commit to noticing the headlines in the offers/sales pages you'll see in the coming days, weeks, and months. Notice how they are structured... notice how they draw you in to read the next line, then the next...

Many beginner coaches, consultants, and solo-professionals in general often omit to create a powerful headline and sub-headline; but if you think about it for a sec, you’ll realize that it’s the #1 most vital element of your website.

If your site visitor doesn’t know instantly that they are in the right place, they’ll navigate away and you just lost a potential client.

Your Headline & Sub-headline serve almost the same purpose as a display window serves for a store – if you walk by a store and you see what you like, you enter that store and check out the merchandise… but if the store’s window is filled with a jumble of items that you don’t recognize, you probably walk by, and they just lost a potential customer.

PreRequisites to Today's Assignment:

  1. In order to create a Powerful Headline that "talks" directly to your Ideal Clients... well, you need to know who your ideal client is.  Click Here if you need to work on that!
  2. It helps if you already have an elevator pitch; THOUGH, this is truly one of those "what came first, the Chicken or the Egg" type scenarios. It doesn't matter what you create first, your headline, or your elevator pitch, as either will help you create the other. Click HERE if you'd like to review the step-by-step instructions on how to Create a Short, One-Liner Elevator Pitch; as well as How to Create Your 1-Minute Elevator Pitch!

Today's Assignment

Your Assignment for today:  Create a Powerful Headline that will let your website visitor know instantly that they are at the right website.

Keep in mind that your headline serves almost like your quick, one-liner, Elevator Pitch to the site visitor!

Your Headline Will Help You Create Many Other Crucial Marketing Components

Your headline will also serve as a guiding compass to you and will give you direction on what your website and business will be about:

  • Will give you the topic for your opt-in offer (irresistible offer)  – more often than not, your opt-in offer's title is the same, or very similar, as your headline
  • Your service/s will be in line with your headline
  • Your upcoming workshops, webinars, events will tie in nicely with your headline
  • Your products – eBooks, home-study course, membership site, published book, etc. will all be related to your headline

I hope by now you see the power of having a clear focus and having a clear headline...

Here’s a tip for you that you might find helpful: If you have your elevator pitch ready or a mission/grand vision for your coaching business, the headline can be created by tweaking one of those two (if not, I’d be super curious to know why not ?  For most of us, the headline is super-similar to our vision statement and/or elevator pitch).

So… take today’s post really seriously – I believe it’s one of the most vital puzzle pieces that’ll help you build a successful coaching (or consulting) business.


In Part 3 we’ll explore how to capture your website visitor's attention

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