How to Get Coaching Clients, PART 3: Create a Grand Vision Statement

When on a quest on How to Get Coaching Clients,  creating a Grand Vision will be one of your most valuable Life Coaching business-building elements(!).

Today we’ll continue building on the foundation elements gained earlier. We gained clarity on Who you serve and What we serve… Today let’s continue building on all that and let’s co-create the most important foundation element of your business: your Grand Vision Statement!

I believe that the most important Foundation Element of a Coaching (or consulting) Business is the Vision Statement.

Some believe that creating a vision statement is so important that it should be the very 1st thing a new business owner should create; fact is, however, that in order to build a powerful vision statement, first you need crystal clarity (or at least some clarity) on who your ideal clients are and the service you’ll provide them. With that type of clarity you’ll be able to create a powerful Vision Statement that will serve like a light-tower, allowing you to see a powerful “light” – or grand goal – that you can start moving towards…

Why Should You Create a Vision Statement for Your Business?

Many entrepreneurs have a strong drive to succeed, but have no direction - no vision; while others might have a vision, but miss the drive... don't have that burning desire to bring that vision to life. My experience is that those who have both, a worthy vision AND a strong drive are the ones who make it happen, and ultimately succeed.

Of the two ingredients, I‘d say that having a clear vision is the more important one. You see, a fly trying to get out through a closed window has a very strong drive, as well as determination and stick-to-it-ness “I‘ll get out through this window, no matter what!” Yet, they end up exhausted & dried-out on the window sill…

It‘s not a perfect comparison, I know, but close enough to show that a strong drive is not all we need – we need clear vision. We need a vision that we are driven toward (not simply driven to overcome the next obstacle or to make the next sales).

This vision can be simple and personal, such as:

“I will become the best professional coach possible and make a difference in 1000s of people’s lives”;

…or it can be as complex and grand as you’d like, such as…

Help one-million families create better relationships, reduce conflict, and eliminate child abuse. (2)I will accomplish this through my Live Events, Workshop, TV Appearances, Radio Shows, Books, Videos, Personal Coaching, and Group Coaching.”

(This was my actual vision statement back in 2003, when I started my coaching/speaking business)

Once you develop a (Grand) Vision Statement, all else flows from there:

  • you become clear on WHO you serve and WHAT you serve them
  • your headline for your website, for landing pages, and for your offers ( often these are simply a tweak on some parts of your vision statement )
  • your business slogan (or USP) that you put on your business card and other marketing materials becomes clear
  • you can build an elevator pitch easier
  • you gain more clarity on what content to add to your website
  • you know what to blog about, topics for your articles, topics for videos…

My vision, for example (back in 2003) was (1) to Help one-million families create better relationships, reduce conflict, and eliminate child abuse. (2)I will accomplish this through my Live Events, Workshop, TV Appearances, Radio Shows, Books, Videos, Personal Coaching, and Group Coaching.

(My vision statement is actually a combination of a vision statement & a mission statement, as it also encompasses a statement on How exactly will I move towards my Vision)

For close to 10 years, the above mission statement directed all of my actions.  As a result, I got to speak in front of 10,000s of people, published two books (one of them is used by several universities as their manual on personality style theory and practical applications); got on TV shows, had countless radio interviews…. And through all these means I can proudly say that I did touch 100,000s of people’s lives, inching slowly towards my grand vision.

With that said, I’m a “bigamist” – I’ve been in love with marketing for more than 2 decades, but never thought of it as pursuing it as a business until recently (started to take roots in 2011, as more and more started asking me how do I get “all those clients… and all those high paying speaking gigs…).

I really enjoy helping others reach their business goals — In my mind, marketing is magical. It’s really great helping a new or struggling business and watch them become profitable because of my intervention – that’s magic  ?.

So, my 2nd Grand Mission is to Help 100,000 coaches reach their financial goals (before 2015); I’ll accomplish this through my Webinars, Group Coaching, Personal Coaching, Membership Sites, Live Events, Home Study Courses…. , and I truly hope that you’ll be one of my success stories – can we shoot for that?

How to Create a Vision Statement

Now let’s create your Vision Statement or polish your existing one…

Before we get started, Remember that a vision statement is the “WHAT” – what do I want to accomplish in the long run? As well as it can encompass some of the “WHY” – why do I want to bring that vision to reality?

A basic vision statement is made up of two or three parts:

(1)       What you are proposing to serve to your clients (or to the world),

(2)       How will it change their lives / what impact will your service/s have on the lives of others, and

(3)       (optional) How are you proposing to deliver your service/s

Here’s a possible formula that you can use:

(1) I will _____(provide what type of service?)___ and (2)________(how will it impact others’ lives?); (3) I will accomplish this by _____ (list a few of the main marketing venues OR  service delivery methods – see examples below)____

*** Again, keep in mind that the 3rd part of the vision statement is optional!!! I truly believe that 1st you should decide on what you want to accomplish, and worry (or think) about the HOW to deliver it later. With that said, the more clarity you have at the start, the easier it’ll be to attract success into your life in the shortest time.

Here are some examples:

I will provide professional life-coaching services that will help people live life fully, without regret, and with purpose.

Or here’s one more specific and more “grand”:

I will help 10,000 couples stop divorce and reignite a happy, passionate, and harmonious relationship.

If you’d want to add the 3rd part to either of the above mission statements, you could add some specifics on how you’d deliver your services.

*** Keep in mind that Your Vision Statement does NOT have to be Realistic! It is something to strive for, but something that you probably will never attain (if you can attain it, that means you wrote a Mission Statement – Don’t limit yourself – Do Dream BIG!

Once you created it, share it with us in the comments section below. I’ll help you polish it as well as I invite others to comment and support one another so each of you can create a truly Grand Vision Statement.

Your Challenge for This Week:
Create a Grand Vision Statement 

*** Remember, Your Vision Statement does NOT have to be realistic! It is something to strive for, but something that you probably will never attain (if you can attain it, that means you wrote a Mission Statement, or a fancy/realistic goal. Don’t limit yourself Dare to Dream BIG!


Vision Statement Vs. Mission Statement

In case you are curious about the difference between a Vision Statement and Mission Statement….

If your Vision Statement was about a grand “world shattering” goal – something to aspire for (but not necessarily ever accomplish) – your Mission Statement is more grounded and it clarifies both to you and your customers (if they get to read it) what your business is about. However, many companies do mix the two, and have a vision statement that sounds like a mission statement, or vice-versa.

My suggestion: Create a Vision/Mission Statement that gives you direction – something to aspire for and work towards – and go for it!  It could be a vision OR mission statement, OR a combination of the two… The key is to have one and make it happen.


Already got a Vision Statement that you are happy with? Or you created yours in a day or two…? And you are eager to take more steps towards Attracting More Clients? Hop over to and sign up for a FREE Test Drive of 100+ Lead-Generation and Client-Attraction Strategies and pick ONE STRATEGY to help you move towards making your vision a reality.


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