Key Performance Indicators – Coach

Please invest 10 to 15 minutes weekly on completing this form as a self-check on what you focused on during the week. Your coach will automatically be sent a copy of your results. Remember, this is not  a test – can’t fail it. It’s designed to help both you and your coach to keep track of the activities you do (and perhaps discuss the inaction, in the weeks where most areas are marked with a “zero”).

? In the beginning, focus on ONLY 2 to 3 of these strategies, till you master them – once you are confident at implementing those 2 to 3 marketing activities, add one more activity to your weekly “to-do list.”

?? In the beginning, you’ll log “zero” in the results section for most of these activities, and that’s absolutely fine – it’s good, though, to see them weekly to remind you of what else you’ll need to get good at.

??? If you find your few (1, 2, or 3) “power strategies” that will consistently generate you clients, you might never have to spend time on experimenting with the other ones. Try to invest your time, right from the beginning, into activities that have the potential to give you the highest “BANG for your buck.”

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