Or, SAMPLE FUNNELS, as it's better known by many

What is a Clients-Enrollment Flow...
or Clients-Enrollment Funnel?

* The image above is a sample Marketing Funnel - or Clients-Enrollment Flow *

The clients-enrollment flow shown in the above image is accepted by many as one of the most effective ways to getting hired by as a coach. The more of the steps you are able to implement (effectively), the more clients will hire you.  It is better, though, to focus on fewer clients-enrollment activities but implement them correctly and consistently (!).

The marketing strategies at the top of the funnel (networking, social media, LI Groups, Webinars, etc.) are just sample strategies. You should "fill your funnel"/build your list through the strategies that are most in line with your strengths.

If you are new to the concept of Marketing Funnels, just know that the term refers to the "flow" of sequences - or actions - needed to get you:

a) NOTICED by your ideal client


b) the steps needed to GET YOU HIRED by your ideal client.

In the traditional sense, a Marketing Funnel - as the name suggests - would be very similar to a household funnel, wide on top, narrow and focused at the bottom:

  1. On top of the funnel we introduce "Leads" - potential clients who we invite into our world - meet them through networking, they see one of our articles, blog posts, videos, paid ads, connect on social media, etc.)and
  2. At the bottom of the funnel, we have individuals who are ready to hire you: clients

That is the very basic description of the marketing funnel; though, the most effective funnels have several steps in between the top of the funnel (Lead Generation); and the bottom of the funnel (Getting Hired or making a sale).

I like calling it a Clients-Enrollment Flow - it is the exact same concept - it is  the "Client's Journey" that takes your ideal clients from meeting you - OR seeing one of your online or offline presence activities* - all the way to getting hired by them.

* an "online or offline presence activity" could be any of the following:

  • meeting you on social media
  • meeting you at a live networking event
  • seeing one of your FaceBook ads
  • reading one of your articles or blog posts
  • seeing your LinkedIn article
  • attending one of your webinars
  • ... or dozens of other ways your ideal client could initially become aware of your existence and the existence of your services (or product/s).

You can choose from multiple such ways to become seen by your ideal clients by choosing one of our "Become Seen" Tutorials - Click Here!

 Click HERE for a list of Tutorials that'll help you Capture the Attention of Your Ideal Clients and Invite them into Your World (more tutorials are added every month - Click HERE to request the creation of a tutorial for a specific marketing strategy!)

 Click HERE if any of this is confusing, and send a message with your question


Your ideal client is struggling with a need - a challenge, frustration, or burning desire, BUT she does NOT know you exist - she doesn't know that her need could be met if she hired you or invested in one of your solutions: your Coaching or Group Coaching, Membership Program, Online Self-Coaching Program, etc.
To address this, and to get your ideal client NOTICE YOU  and HIRE YOU, you put in place a flow that introduces your service to your client in a non-sales, non-pushy way and makes the client-enrollment process almost effortless.
On top of the page you see a great example of a perfect Clients-Enrollment Flow. However, in the beginning many want to keep it simple, so let's explore some easier ways (though, the "easier ways" are often far less effective than the more complex and proven ways)...
Here are some SIMPLE* Sample Clients-Enrollment Flows - let's start with the simplest flows:
* The simpler the flow, the harder to make a sale. A simple flow as the examples below WILL WORK like magic, IF you already built Visibility, Trust, & Credibility in the eyes of your ideal clients.  But then... it's not a two-step simple "flow" (or funnel), as you've already done many other steps in the past... Nevertheless, if you already are seen as a trusted and credible professional by those who you'll connect with, then these simple "flows" can work like magic. A positive exception to this would be Live Events - if you put on workshops, even if people see you for the first time - and if your offer is well-crafted for your audience - you'll be most likely making sales each and every time(!)


The simplest client-enrollment flow would be a 2-step flow:

  1. Meet the potential client - networking event or walk into their business - it's up to you. The key is to meet your potential client face-to-face, video chat, or phone conversation; then...
  2. Let them know about the service you provide
    This could be done by offering a Complimentary Session or a Strategic Session (or whatever you decide to call your free intro session); or if the client is ready to hire you, just take the payment. The more you'll coach, the more you'll get hired without a complimentary session (some coaches never offer such sessions; or they offer them at a low, nominal cost).

The simplest Clients-Enrollment flow:
Meet Potential Client + Offer Your Service to Them
(or offer a complimentary session)

It seems simple, right?

YES, it is simple AND it works(!) when used with very targeted prospective clients. The key is to get your message in front of individuals who you already know they are in "burning need" of your help... and this is where the challenge arises for most coaches, as they do not have such a specific "ideal client," hence a longer flow(below) is more effective.
Here's how we can make this same flow more effective:

* Target very specific type of ideal clients *

For years, my ideal client used to be HR Managers.

➡ They were the ones who I understood (because of my past management experience and my degree)

➡ They were the ones who could also lead me to getting hired for my full-day and multi-day Team-Building, Team-Performance, and other workshops.

➡ They were the group of professionals whose pain, frustrations, and challenges I understood best and was able to offer them hope for a solution to their needs.
So for years I hung out in front of this target market:

✓ I volunteered to speak at HR Association Meetings (just imagine, given the chance to speak in front of your ideal client for 45- to 55- minutes)

✓ I was a member of 40+ HR and Management groups on LinkedIn (and back in early to mid 2000s I was able to post freely my posts in all of these groups: articles, webinar announcements, invite to my radio show, etc. - and back then LI had an automation feature that allowed me to post to all 45 groups with one click - ah, the glorious "old days"

✓ Connected on LI with 1000+  HR Managers in those years - offered them a free assessment (DiSC); free eCourse (DiSC, Team-Building, or Team-Performance related); or a copy of my book, and in average, around 4 out of 10 I offered these "gifts," accepted it and was able to develop a professional relationship with them.


We can achieve this in two steps:


Pick one of the strategies below to meet your Ideal Client and share your offer with them.

Note that with some of these strategies you can share your offer instantly; and some require you to "warm up" the potential client and develop a relationship first, before you offer any of your services.



✓ Local Networking Event

✓ Local MeetUp Group

✓ Local Public Workshop

✓ Local Workshop hosted by a local organization (business, non-profit, etc.)

✓ Connect with potential client on LinkedIn, FaceBook, or other social networking platform, and develop a relationship first before offering them anything(!)

✓ Blog posts or Articles with Call to Action at the end (OR within) - invite your reader to apply for a Complimentary Session

? Spend time in LinkedIn (or other) Groups where your ideal clients hang out and support members with your comments and "likes" - start discussions that keep you visible in those groups. Connect with the individuals who seem in immediate need of your solution (coaching or your program)

➡ Use any of our "Massive Online Visibility" Strategies Tutorials to Get Your Message in Front of Your Ideal Clients - Click Here to Access them!


Offer your Complimentary Session or other Entry-Level Offer that your prospective client is most likely to say YES to.

Note that all of these convert best (will get you hired the easiest) if you have developed a relationship with your prospective client. Extremely few people hire a coach after one meeting!



✓ One-on-One Coaching (weekly)

✓  Bi-Weekly One-on-One Coaching

✓  Group Coaching (with a specific outcome)

✓ Group Coaching (accountability-group / general life coaching)

✓ Online Coaching (coaching happens on an online platform or by eMail)

✓ A hybrid of Online Coaching and Offline Coaching (video conferencing, in-person, or phone)

✓ A hybrid of several of the above (For example, Online Self-Coaching Program with bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions; "Platinum Level" members also receive a certain number of one-on-one coaching sessions)

➡ Use any of these "Massive Online Visibility" Strategies ideas to Get Your Message in Front of Your Ideal Clients - Click Here!

The above "flows" are simple samples of Marketing Funnels. Most funnels, though, consist of way more steps. While it sounds a little complex - or even complicated - fact is, putting these flows together is fun and very rewarding. It feels great when you put together such a sequence and you see real people going through it and connecting with you and hiring you.

You can put your own flows together by combining various modules in the Members' Area; though, if you are a member - or if you sign up below - we'll keep on sending you new "recipes" of flows that'll help you maximize your marketing efforts.

If you ever need help planning your Marketing Flow, you can invest in a 90-Minute Strategic Planning Session - Click HERE; or, if you just have a quick question, you can send your question HERE!



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