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1. Get access to more such resources!

Every week receive a new Checklist, Cheat-sheet, detailed Action Guide, step-by-step Video Tutorials, and other powerful resources to help you grow your business and enroll clients like a pro!
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2. Do you need 1-on-1 Coaching or Mentoring?

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Or, if you are ready for a 60- to 90-minutes strategic planning session*, click on the button** below!

✔ Get help identifying your next steps and gain clarity on how to implement those steps

✔  Identify the most effective marketing strategies that are in line with your strengths

✔ Create an Action Plan that'll help you become highly visible in front of your Target Market

Map out the exact FLOW (or "funnel") that'll take your prospects from seeing your offer, all the way to hiring you or investing in your product

✔ Learn how to automate a large part of your marketing activities

* There is a nominal fee for this session - can book up to 3 sessions through this link!

** Once on the scheduling page, pick the package that is most appropriate for you


3. Do you need a little extra help with the Technology part of your business?

If you need help* with setting up any technology-related components of your business, CLICK HERE and send a message with a description of what you need help with.

* Ask about our pocket-friendly prices!


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More Done-for-You Services

Let Us Build the Complete
Tech Part of Your Business! 

Spend your time focusing on your clients
Leave the techno stuff to us
* Starting at $1995.00* - see below what's included *

Let our team create your marketing assets

➡ We'll Build OR Improve Your Website

➡ Help you Creating a "Freebie" - an eCourse, Video Course, eBook, or other value to give away to your prospective clients

➡ Set up Your AutoResponder

➡ Create Your AutoResponder Messages

➡ Create AND Implement 1-Year Social Media Marketing Campaign

➡ Three one-on-one Coaching Sessions included**

* price might vary based on the complexity of your project ** use any time within 6 months, as needed


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BONUS: 12-Months Access to
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