9 Steps to Creating Your Online Coaching Signature Program
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Become Known as the "Go-to-Guy" in Your Niche and
Set Yourself Apart from the Competition by
Creating an Online Coaching Program!

Creating an Online Coaching Program, or a membership site, is an excellent way - some might even say that it's the #1 way to establish credibility in front of your ideal clients. 

GET STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to create an Online Coaching Program that has the potential to 1) position you as a credible authority in front of your target market; and 2) allow you to generate an additional source of income!


Here's what you can expect during the 9-days program:

✓  Daily emails with Checklist that will outline what to implement on that day

✓  Keep track of your progress within your member's area

✓  Access to discussion forum where you can Share Your Progress and interact with the other participants (limited support on your questions, depending how many people will engage in the forum)

✓  Ability to "buddy up" with an accountability partner.  


I'm super excited to see what cool online program you'll create!

If you ever get stuck, feel free to reach out - Click HERE!

To your success,

E.G. Sebastian - CPC, CSL
Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach
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