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Discover the most effective approach to growing your business, with step-by-step tutorials on How to Enroll
Life Coaching Clients through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram… Video Marketing, Webinars, Podcasting, FaceBook Live,
Blogging, LinkedIn Articles, eBooks, eCourses… 

Checklists & Step-by-Step Guidance
Take the Guesswork Out of
Enrolling Life Coaching Clients!

Implement the clients-enrollment flows that are most in line with your strengths
and are most likely to get you paying clients in the shortest time…!

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Start Growing Your Coaching Business


Simply Follow the Steps Below:


Check the Health of Your Business
Start-Up Checklists & Diagnostic Tools

  Is your business running at its full potential? Use our Diagnostic Assessment to find out your businesses’ strengths, as well as the missing success-elements

  Is your business idea monetizable? Choose a direction for your business that will allow you to generate the income you desire

  Use our worksheets and checklists to test your current business’ direction or your idea for a business you want to build

  Use our guide and worksheet to set the right fees and prices for your offers – transition from charging hourly, to automated monthly fees!

  Get feedback on your ideas through our weekly live support calls or individual support

01. Gain Crystal Clarity on Your Services

Use our worksheets to help you gain total clarity on who is your ideal client

  Follow our checklist and worksheet to help you package your service in a way to get your ideal clients to notice you and hire you

  If you are unclear on your business’ direction, complete our Niche-Discovery Worksheet, and discover how to use your strengths to help the people who need your services most

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02. Become Known as a Credible and
Trusted Professional

  Create a powerful online presence through your website and social media

  Boost your Credibility & Trust factor through publishing articles, podcasting, webinars, interviews, video strategies… Implement one or two of these powerful trust-building strategies and you’ll be well on your way – just follow our video tutorials, checklists, templates, and step-by-step guides

  Learn how to automate some of your marketing activities to put parts of your trust-building activities on auto-pilot

03. Gain Massive Visibility in Front of Your Ideal Clients

Use our worksheets and tutorial videos to help you become seen all over the internet by your ideal clients

Become recognized by your ideal clients, as a result of your online presence, further growing their trust in you

Capitalize on your massive visibility by engaging your ideal clients with you, initiating a professional relationship that can turn into getting hired

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magnet - client magnet

04. Attract Your Ideal Client into Your World

Become a Lead-Generation Ninja! Learn how to Transform your Visibility into Leads [Leads = individual who show interest in your offer/s by sharing their contact info with you]

Once you are visible in front of your ideal clients, invite them into your world AND add them to your list of future clients – build a list of 1000s of your ideal clients [next we’ll work on developing your relationship with them]

Simply follow our Step-by-Step tutorials, checklists, and templates and watch the list of your ideal clients grow!

05. Develop a Professional Relationship with Your Ideal Clients

People do Business with People they Know, Like, and Trust!

  When selling “higher ticket” services, where they are required to pay $100 to $500 per hour, the name of the “game” is Relationship Marketing 

  In steps 1 through 4 you gained massive visibility in front of the right people, with the right message… now you are ready to develop a relationship with your Ideal Clients… and, yes, start offering your paid services to them

  Now that you have a (small) list, let’s send your list-members little tidbits of info that they find crucially beneficial – info that helps them get closer to their BIG GOAL or solve parts of the BIG CHALLENGE they are experiencing. Send them:

  • Checklists
  • Short how-to articles
  • Short videos – most not longer than 3 to 5 minutes
  • Link to your latest blog posts
  • Invitation to your Next Webinar
  • Invitation to your Next Group Coaching program
  • Info on your opening for working with a new individual client
  • and other value-loaded info

  Follow our Step-by-Step tutorials and checklists:

  • Learn how to Automate Most of Your Relationship-Building activities
  • Learn which automation tools are most effective AND learn how to use them; OR outsource the tech stuff to our team… or delegate to your own virtual assistant
  • Discover the social media platforms that are most likely to help you connect with your ideal clients; as well as we’ll provide you step-by-step guidance on HOW to use each social media platform most effectively
  • Get ongoing support to help you implement correctly all of these strategies 

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06. Convert your Hard Work into Paying Clients

Too may life coaches get stuck either in implementing marketing strategies OR in providing countless complimentary sessions that never turn into paying clients… Don’t get stuck in “doing” and “serving” mode – It’s time to convert your hard work into paying clients!

Learn how to transition your ideal clients who are now on your list – OR who are connected with you on social media – into paying clients.

For many, this is the hardest step; but it doesn’t have to be that way! Simply follow our Step-by-Step tutorials, checklists, and templates and start monetizing all the hard work you put in this far!

Get ongoing support to help you implement client-conversion activities most effectively!

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Start Growing Your Coaching Business

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