Become the High-Performing Productive Professional You Always Wanted to Be

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Are minor tasks taking you forever to complete? Do you seem to struggle getting to the important tasks and completing them…?   If you find yourself spending all day to compose an email, write an article, or create a memorable video – or find yourself drawn into other mundane tasks that sucks up all your time, chances are that you are overcomplicating things, procrastinating on something major, hence allowing yourself to get drawn into these little tasks. You might not be very organised or it could be a combination of some of these things.   arrow-394145_640   If you start lots of projects that take too long or don’t get finished at all, here are some productivity-boosting tips for you (borrowed from Mr. Steven Covey – our super productivity guru, who we dearly miss)  

Start your days (or week) by creating a priority list, separating your tasks into Four Categories:

a) Urgent AND Important (there will be some serious repercussions if you don’t complete these) – these tasks should be the ones that you should work on daily

b) Urgent BUT NOT Important – these are tasks that seem urgent, like you want this logo to be ready now; or you really need to look up the suite that you’ll wear for your wedding that’s coming up in 8 months.  These are usually distractions that you allow yourself to be sucked into.  Schedule time to work on these “urgent” tasks in the evening or the week-end. After all, if they made it in the “NOT Important” section, it’s there for a reason!

c) NOT Urgent BUT Important – These are tasks that don’t seem to be a priority in the moment, such as writing your book, creating a product, learning how to use social media to promote your business, etc. BUT (!) if you take a moment, you’ll realize that these are really the tasks that would turn you into the super human being you’d love to be.  Make sure to schedule time for these activities. Forget wasting time on (b) above (Urgent but not important) – outsource those whenever you can – instead spend that time working on these activities And finally, the last batch of activities on your To-do-list:   d) NOT Urgent AND NOT Important – well… if anything makes it into this category. Leave them there on the paper, but take no action (accept to throw the darn thing away – for example: “fix the shredder” – that you have not used in like 18 months – NOT IMPORTANT AND NOT URGENT! Do grab the darn thing and throw it out! J )   Put your to-do tasks in these four categories, and I promise you that you’ll never have a problem staying on focused and accomplishing your most important tasks!


Need Help Implementing These Strategies?

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