Discover different funnels & flows that’ll show you step-by-step How to Enroll Life Coaching Clients
through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram… Video Marketing, Webinars, Podcasting, FaceBook Live…
Blogging, LinkedIn Articles, eBooks, eCourses… 

Checklists & Step-by-Step Guidance
Take the Guesswork Out of
Enrolling Life Coaching Clients!

Implement the flows that are most in line with your strengths
and are most likely to get you paying clients in the shortest time…!



Just Follow the Steps:



Check the Health of Your Business
Start-Up Checklists & Diagnostic Tools

  Is your business running at its full potential? Use our Diagnostic Assessment to find out your businesses’ strengths, as well as the missing success-elements

  Is your business idea monetizable? Choose a direction for your business that will allow you to generate the income you desire

  Use our worksheets and checklists to test your current business’ direction or your idea for a business you want to build

  Use our guide and worksheet to set the right fees and prices for your offers – transition from charging hourly, to automated monthly fees!

  Get feedback on your ideas through our weekly live support calls or individual support


01. Gain Crystal Clarity on Your Services

Use our worksheets to help you gain total clarity on who is your ideal client

  Follow our checklist and worksheet to help you package your service in a way to get your ideal clients to notice you and hire you

  If you are unclear on your business’ direction, complete our Niche-Discovery Worksheet, and discover how to use your strengths to help the people who need your services most

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02. Become Known as a Credible and
Trusted Professional

  Create a powerful online presence through your website and social media

  Boost your Credibility & Trust factor through articles, podcasting, webinars, interviews, and more – just follow our video tutorials, checklists, and guides

  Learn how to automate some of your marketing activities to put your trust-building on auto-pilot


03. Gain Massive Visibility in Front of Your Ideal Clients

Use our worksheets and tutorial videos to help you become seen all over the internet by your ideal clients

Become recognized by your ideal clients, as a result of your online presence, further growing their trust in you

Capitalize on your massive visibility by engaging your ideal clients with you, initiating a professional relationship that can turn into getting hired


Get Notified – Checklists, Tutorials, & Resources